Cleanliness is next to Godliness

face paints
Kit hygiene is an extremely important part of being a professional face painter. The correct practices are often ignored by the novice, however, here at Ryn Rose we pride ourselves on our hygiene practices.

Good hygiene ensures safety for all!

Here at Ryn Rose we clean as we go along. We use the three pot water system: one pot for getting most of the paint off, another for further rinsing and a third for clean water. We change the water once every hour to keep it clean and fresh! A brand new, clean sponge is used for each individual.We also make sure to use hand sanitizer to stop our hands from spreading germs between people.We know it’s tempting, but for hygiene and safety reasons please refrain from touching our paints and brushes!
When we get home we make sure to wash our brushes using a brush soap, these are specifically designed for use with face painters brushes and work all of the paint out. It’s also perfectly safe on skin. We wash our sponges at 90 degrees to get all of the paint out and make sure they’re lovely and squeaky clean for our next gig! We then clean our paints, by going over them with a damp sponge or cloth. No colds for me thanks!!

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